Test Out West wants to empower women to have Cervical Screening Tests, whilst celebrating the strong community spirit out West.
Regular Cervical Screening Tests prevent cervical cancer. Out West, what makes us different is the common ground that brings us all together. Not only do we want to empower women to have Cervical Screening Tests, we also want to celebrate the strong community spirit out West – where we support and champion one another.
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Behind Test Out West

In NSW, women aged
25-34 from western and south-western Sydney have the lowest rates of cervical screening compared to the rest of the state.

Test Out West is an initiative led by Family Planning NSW, funded by the Cancer Institute NSW, which aims to engage people in the western suburbs of Sydney on this important topic.


Young women from western Sydney have played a key role in the planning, development and implementation of this project.

Their input has been vital in producing content that is relatable and relevant to themselves and their peers.

This project was also undertaken with the assistance of a stakeholder advisory committee comprised of the following organisations:

  • Blacktown Women’s and Girl’s Health Centre
  • Cancer Institute NSW
  • Family Planning NSW
  • South Western Sydney Local Health District
  • Western Sydney Local Health District
  • Western Sydney University
  • Wilma Women’s Health Centre

We thank all those involved for their contributions and support.

If you have any comments or questions about the Test Out West campaign, you can contact us at testoutwest@fpnsw.org.au

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